Soothing Japanese style integrated into a stylish space.

We provide comfort to suit any kind of journey.

Our guestrooms are designed to emphasize supreme relaxation on long stays.
The perfect expression of tension and release through Japanese style elements subtly placed amidst stylish design.
Three types of guestrooms with differing sensibilities are offered to suit whatever kind of journey you envision.
Wi-Fi is also provided in the guestrooms and lobby so you may use the internet on any enabled device.


Maisonette style suite boasting an all-encompassing sense of liberation

Size: 120m2
Number of Guests: 2~4
Beds: Two 120cm x 200cm beds


Experience a touch of modern atmosphere wrapped in nostalgia

Size: 60m2
Number of Guests: 2~4
Beds: Two 115cm x 200cm beds


A guestroom designed specifically for a lone traveler planning the ultimate solo journey

Size: 30m2
Number of Guests: 2
Bed: 140cm x 200cm