There is so much to love about dining in Japan, but the one at Bourou NOGUCHI Hakodate is exceptional.
Relish the delights of Hakodate the globally-adored-city with our exquisite Kaiseki cuisine.

The three major concepts of Hakodate, Art of Culinary Creation, and Nature’s Bounty is the original philosophy in Bourou way of dining.

Enjoy the heavenly convivium our chefs create with the fresh seasonal ingredients brought from Hakodate and its neighborhood to your heart’s content.


The much-awaited dinnertime is the main event of travel. Our chefs provide you the Hakodate delicacies in the absolute tranquility.

Savor the real pleasure of travel with our sumptuous Kaiseki cuisine.

Japanese Kaiseki is referred to as cuisine to please your senses with the fresh ingredients, gorgeous four seasons of Japan, and beautiful dinnerware.

Bourou NOGUCHI Hakodate has more: the joyful moments of you see the elegant presentations of the plate by plate, our love to Hakodate and the local treasure-trove of ingredients, and above all, saporous dishes.

Fresh Local Ingredients

Bourou NOGUCHI Hakodate Exclusive “Pairing Wine Set” for Food and Wine’s Marriage. Selected wines and Japanese Sakes for Pairing Wine Set to perfectly matched with your dishes are the dining experience at Bourou NOGUCHI Hakodate that you cannot miss. Gratify your mind and palate with the enchanting marriage of our seasonal Kaiseki dinner and Pairing Wine Set. *Pairing Wine Set is available with additional charge.

Enjoy our original Japanese-Western Kaiseki cuisine under the theme of Hakodate culture with a variety of fresh ingredients from Hokkaido and Aomori prefecture. Taste of Hakodate: Fresh squid Sashimi caught just in the morning is also one of the featured dishes you will love at Bourou NOGUCHI Hakodate.

Entertaining Otsukuri(Sashimi dish) imaging the grand view of the Pacific Ocean is one of the prime dishes in our Kaiseki dinner course. You will love the fresh catch from around southern Hokkaido and north-east of Japan. Locally-brewed Japanese Sakes are the perfect match with Sashimi.

There is nothing like the pearly-white fluffy rice. We provide this essential way of delight in Japanese original dining culture with Hokkaido’s boasting rice called Fukkurinko, rich in flavor and tender aroma freshly-cooked in the traditional iron rice pot. Enjoy our Fukkurinko with its best friends, assorted Japanese-style pickles.

Kaiseki Cuisine



Original cocktail“pale Sakura”
“the visitor from spring”
spring roll, pincho of whitebait
New Monjya, foie gras brulee ~with apple jelly~
Atka mackerel grilled with miso sauce, gelidium jelly
SOUP~椀物~ Bamboo shoot & clam
OTSUKURI~お刺身~ “under the cherry blossom”
tuna~with kelp soy sauce & Wasabi~
sea bream~with kelp white soy sauce~
handmade marinate herring~no dip~
salmon sushi~with cherry blossom~
octopus~with handmade plum soy sauce~
surf clam~with kelp soy sauce & Wasabi~
MAIN①~お魚料理~ Cherry hybrid salmon grilled with miso béarnaise sauce flavor with balsamic sauce
~お口直し~ Watercress & snow crab soaked in consommé soup
MAIN②~お肉料理~ Grill beef with broccoli sauce & poivrade sauce
traditional iron pot boiled brand rice 「Fukkuringo」
chef's handmade pickles, 「Noboribetsu Fujizaki Wasabi farm」 Wasabi kelp,
sea bream Ochatsuke with plum taste, bamboo shoot・kelp red miso soup
Plum blanc mange, strawberry fondant chocolate
Bergamot cake, milk ice cream
the oldest coffee shop at Hokkaido- 「Hakodate Misuzu」's coffee 
or Darjeeling / Earl grey or Sakura coffee latte or espresso coffee

和食料理長 高井 大樹
洋食料理長 遠藤 慎也


Kaiseki Cuisine

Have your choice of Japanese cuisine distinctive of a port city or Western cuisine designed by our chef.
The Japanese menu features dishes distinctive of a port city. Our Western cuisine consists of stylish Mediterranean-influenced dishes focused on seafood from the Seikan region.

Spring Kaiseki Menu

Summer Kaiseki Menu

Autumn Kaiseki Menu

Winter Kaiseki Menu


Select our delectable breakfast from the choice of traditional Japanese cuisine or Western cuisine after the morning bath.
The most important meal of the day at Bourou NOGUCHI Hakodate will make an incredible starter for your next trip.

The Japanese menu features dishes distinctive of a port city. Our Western cuisine is stylish Mediterranean-influenced dishes focused on seafood from the Seikan region.

Kids Meal

Kids Meal in Bourou NOGUCHI Hakodate, using selected ingredients produced in Hokkaido, will keep our younger guests entertained during their meal.

Dinner -------- ¥5500

Experience the delightful harmonization of Japanese cuisine with Western. Our chefs have gathered what children's favorite, including grilled meat/seafood, sashimi, fried food and chips as well as freshly-cooked rice and miso soup. Then satisfy your sweet tooth with a platter of cake, ice cream and seasonal fruits.

Breakfast --------¥2200

Fuel up for the day ahead either with traditional Japanese or Western breakfast. Our traditional Japanese breakfast consists of freshly-cooked rice and miso soup with a variety of side dishes such as grilled fish, Japanese omelette, small salad and seasonal fruits. For the Western breakfast, from eggs, chips, bacon and sausages, to assorted bread, soup and seasonal fruits, you will find plenty to fill up your plate with.

*Reservation for both dinner and breakfast are required.
*Sales tax is included.
*Photos are for illustration purposes, the menu is subject to change.

Private Dining Rooms

The atmosphere in the dining room is a dash of seasoning on your dinner. Bourou NOGUCHI Hakodate provides the private dining rooms for you to have long-awaited cozy dinnertime just with your family and friends.We take care of the selection of rooms subject to the number of guests.

Dining Room: CHIKURIN

The approach to the dining room of CHIKURIN shows the garden of the soothing bamboo forest seen just like a traditional Japanese art painting to let you forefeel the delightful dinnertime with the loved one. We provide cozy rooms for two and spacious rooms for four on the mezzanine floor. CHIKURIN (竹林) means the bamboo forest in Japanese.

Dining Room: KITAMAE

Private dining room KITAMAE modeled after Kitamae-Bune (Kitamae Ship: the freight ship ran through the sea of northern and western Japan during the Edo and Meiji period) is an excellent place wafting a Japanese nautical essence to have delightful dinnertime. A large corf of fish at the entrance of Kitamae is a fun place to stop by. You could watch the squids and flukes swimming in it.

Dining Room: SHIOSAI

SHIOSAI is an enticing dining room with a serene ambiance designed as a soothing Japanese retreat. The chitchats about the Hakodate trip with your family and friends must be congenial here in the room of SHIOSAI. We also provide more spacious rooms for up to eight guests.


TSUGARU & KAIKYOU are the private dining places allowing space for the groups of 8 to 15 guests. Perfect rooms for a group having pleasant dinnertime alone.


Banquet room HITEN is spacious enough to accommodate up to 70 guests with a group of more than 16 guests. Enjoy an amiable dinnertime with family and friends in a sublime Japanese atmosphere.