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Hakodate's Yunokawa hot springs are renowned for hundreds of years of history.

The highest open-air bath in Yunokawa hot springs.
You can see a row of houses and streets with atmosphere, a grand Hakodate mountain, and the Tsugaru Strait.
OPEN / 14:00~NEXT 10:00 (open-air bath 0:00~5:00 CLOSE)
Quality / sodium calcium – chloride
The Benefits of a hot spring bath / joint pain, recovery from fatigue, rheumatism, neuralgia etc.
Bath type /big public bath, sauna bath, open-air bath
Amenities / dryer, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, razor, shower cap, comb, face towel, bath towel etc.


Luxury ~ You can relax as if you live a life ~
We prepared three types of guest rooms combined residence and design.



Maisonette – room 120㎡ western type
You can enjoy the scenery through the both sides of window because the room has large window in both sides.
You can take a good rest in the double bed when you take repose.
We prepare one of top grade amenities such as LOCCITAN.
Each guest room's bathtub is designed to enough size so that you can have a leisurely bath with three people.
A quality of spa is chloride.
You can see outside scenery because there are big windows.



The WAMODERN room offers a subtile harmony of traditional and modern Japanese style. This is like Early-1900s Japanese-style finish, and you will feel romantic. You can relax as lying on a tatami floor, or you can sleep on bed. This room features a private hot spring with panoramic views. The bathtub is made of cypress (Hinoki). The views are so attractive because it is the highest guest room.




The OHITORISAMA rooms are designed with the travel aficionado in mind. This room has a double bed, and shower room. The natural hot spring is available on 13th floor if you take a bath. Please enjoy your stay and a superb traveling by yourself.



The prepared a full-course meal totally differs from a buffet. The menu is changed four times a year. You can have some valuable food such as Onuma beef, balone and squid which are recommended by Chef. You can relax at the table in private dining room when you have a full-course meal. Would you like to have a meal with your dearest?



Check in 14:00 (Welcome your visit with some snacks and tea)
Check out 12:00
No Smoking in public area
The first (Ground) floor facilities; Café, library, bar, gift shop, and billiard
You can drink some soft drink and coffee at the café.



Take off at Onuma Park Interchange on Douou Expressway to get to Yunokawa Onsen.
Try to reach Hakodate city on National Highway 5 at first, after that drive to get to Yunokawa Onsen from Hakodate city to the east on National Highway 278.
It takes approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes from Sapporo city.


Take a JR Limited Express Train for Hakodate at JR Sapporo station, then get off at JR Hakodate station.
Approximately 15 minutes from JR Hakodate station by car.
Approximately 30 minutes from JR Hakodate station by streetcar.


Take a public bus for Hakodate Yunokawa Onsen at Chuo-bus Sapporo terminal station.
It takes approximately 5 hours and 35 minutes from Sapporo city.


Take a public bus at Hakodate airport, then get off at Yunokawa Price Hotel Nagisatei bus stop.
Approximately 10 minutes by foot. (Approximately 25 minutes from Hakodate airport.)
Approximately 10 minutes from Hakodate airport by taxi.